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C litter_3

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This time it was difficult to make good pictures. The pictures don't do the puppies justice.


Also, the models were not really focused: This is how it looks when you want to take photos of #5. The others didn't do much better...



Whouuuu! I'm bored! So, I go to momma.


Waitaminute! That's not how I planned this! An ear, ready to bite into. That's better!




Now they are three weeks old. When you put your finger in their mouth, you can feel that the teeth are about to break through.

During the photo-shooting Number 5 noticed that there was something different:

Mmh, I am alone on the bed. No, there is momma ... let's wobble to her ... oh, momma's got a giant chewing-toy-ear all made for biting into ... and there's the milk-bar!

And all the time I tried to make pictures. Hardly.



They are everywhere!

Meanwhile you have to be aware that the bedroom is teeming with 'dengos when you come in. Everywhere someone is whining and squeeking and siblings are bitten in the tail or the ears. And once a human is seen, the tail is set to wagging-mode.

Inbetween a short trip to the food-bowl and having a drink of milk and then back to the exploration of the bedroom.

I assume this weekend the little monsters are moving to the livingroom where they can be  under closer custody.

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