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Our first bone: when the dengos are on the loose, everything the older dogs have needs to be examined and tested for utility:

Poison is a grouch, can't make use of that. Yela has milk, we know and love that, nothing new. Squid has vim and vigor, got that ourselves. Sierra's got a giant chewing-bone, that, erm,... waitaminute!

That is something we can use very well! Gimme!


And what is the Dengo's profession when he's not in pursuit of his bone-obsession: helping to design web-pages with all four paws:




Things are getting interesting. The babies are becoming very active and this night they made an escape from their enclosure. So today we decided to make a visit to our (human) "grandma". She's got a large garden which is (almost) dengo-proof. That is, my mother and Stefan were busy preventing accidents. The biggest danger are the stairs down to the cellar. And of course, that is deemed "most interesting place in the garden"...

Yela used the opportunity to inflict some education upon the babies: she ran them over, one after the other, and reprimanded them afterwards. She does that once with every litter. To maintain order?

When, after one hour, the babies were put back into their kennelboxes, they were tired. So were we. 

#1: To boldly go where no C-litter dengo has gone before.


#2 is listening closely to all advices momma gives.


#3 galumphing at full speed


Both males together: What's up, doc?


#4 contemplating over a small stone. I have days like that, too.



#5: I wonder what she wants to tell with her ears, either 'indicating right turn' or 'it's 11:20'


#5 again: aha, a right turn it was.



# 4: Oranje boven! Young master is going to leave for the Netherlands and will be called 'Sniper' over there.



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