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2010, well, now the year is through. It was a very straining year. Finally, we moved house, a short time later we lost our young tomcat to renal failure; Strina is still with us, but her condition is deteriorating continuously.

All remaining puppies, Picasso and Canja from the C-litter, have found new homes, and Duas will stay with us. She has recovered well from her broken leg and one does hardly notice.

I was lucky enough to be able to fly to Portugal twice, and to find a little female at the Monografica. Sadly I also had to return a dog there. My second visit dealt with the life a Podengo leads in Portugal, and with support from Nuno Ferro I was able to take part in a hunt.

We have also been quite successful in shows: Almourol has received in the ring of honour once a 2. BIS Vet and has won the 3rd place BIS Vet in Dortmund.  So far our biggest triumph.

Duas has already been entitled to youth-champion in Germany and Luxembourg, as well as DWZRV youth-champion. Currently we are working on the Swiss youth-champion.

2011 we hope to get the first litter from our two girls, but only in the second half of the year.  Nontheless, all prospective buyers are kindly requested to contact us early.

Lisboa will start her career in the show-ring in March, while Duas will compete in intermediate-class by then.

Also, those two shall receive their racing license this year, so that we will finally have ehough licensed Podengos for a race.

We are still looking for a successor for Almourol, as we can't use him on his daughters. Unfortunately, this turns out not to be so easy, but we won't give up!


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