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Damasco and Duende doing the old Marx Brothers' mirror gig.
Duck Soup (1933): the only question remaining is: who is Rufus T. Firefly, and, of course: "Why a duck? Why a-no-chicken?"


We took the three remaining boys for their first real walkie... and what do you know, they can walk all by themselves, especially #1 who always clings to me was often on his own and greeted strangers. Coby and Sumo were much more reluctant but still interested.



Desik has moved. Now he lives in St. Petersburg with his family. Pretty far away...




For Desik life is about to get serious. We are preparing him a  bit so that he will have no problems with traveling on plane. But apart from that, its pan-dengo-daemonium here. Running around, digging, chasing cats and playing with the old 'denogs. That keeps warm. From time to time sprinkled with additional attempts of sibling-slaughter, running through tunnels and climbing the mounds in our garden. 



So, we are still looking for a home for three little boys. Everybody who was interested gave us the slip. I am seriously considering to introduce a reservation fee.

The boys have already learnt to walk through the dog-flap, dashing through it, that is. Being housebroken gets better, but, mommy, it's much warmer inside!

They're quiet at night, but sometimes there is some cleaning required in the morning. Doesn't matter, time will provide.



It's Saturday today, time for a bath, of course in a ball pit... :-) Fun for the whole family. Even Chinook and Duas joined. Later the treat ball was used. A new food was tested: dog-sausage (i.e. a kind of Mortadella for dogs, what did you think?) which we brought from Switzerland. Being housebroken still needs some training, but time will provide... Tuesday is scheduled for chipping and vaccination and the Saturday afterwards, the official litter inspection will take place.







Time is fleeting. There are lots of things our babies can do: climb stairs which are as high as they are, drink water from a bowl, kill a marten's fur (with a vengeance), nibble kibbles, play with the cat and many things more. Alas, the weather is no team player. The last few days were so cold that there was no way to do the pee-pee outside, so that momma had to spend quite a lot of time in the garden, in a nightgown. Noon was sunny but still cold. Today its raining buckets and no one of the gang feels like going outside.

We have started the clicker training. We'll see about the progress. We were using dry and wet food. The first experiments with boiled chicken or tuna took place; also with carrots, celery or cottage cheese. Result: That's all edible. :-)

Yela is taking the role as grandmother very well, she even regurgitates food for them. It is very interesting to see how the pups nudge against the corners of her mouth. But its only Yela where they have success with that.

Chinook is completely absorbed in his role as father and sometimes he has to be stopped by Duas. The little ones can't play that roughly (yet).


We even got names for them by now:

  • Damasco
  • Desiderio
  • da Gama
  • Duende


For two of the little imps we are still looking for nice new homes.



We have done all the paperwork...


... have been to a business lunch with our partners ...

... have been spinning in the gym ...


... in short: we have been working our socks off!


only to find that there are some people who got nothing more to do than to sleep into the day!




Newsflash: The little explorers are already going towards the garden door when they need to relieve themselves. And today they have used the doggy door for the first time when going inside. The babies immediately knew where to go... :-)

Eating goes well... and they sleep through the whole night. Except for when Duas feels like looking after them at night. But we have never ever had such well-behaved children!



The training proceeds as planned. The schedule contains: Computer-training, using the keyboard, the correct usage of tools, when to use the screwdriver, correct filing of documents, given that the plastic pocket survives.

Of course there is also training on the cat. Gradually, for Miele the going gets tough, as the babies are getting faster, start to fight back and have teeth. :-)

Chinook is allowed to be with the babies and Yela is a grandmother de luxe. But as soon as there is a sound of distress from them, its war-time: Duas attacks every dog within range. Seeing this is soo interesting!



The babies' progress makes huge leaps: since yesterday they recognise us. It is so funny: when you hear a ruckus in the litter box and open the box, they stare at you, start to wag their tails and come out.

It seems that they can hear, too. The teeth break through and mama is no longer the only breakfast for our champions.

Since recently, their newest toy is Miele, our new little cat. She is allowed to pounce on the babies, bite them and whatever. Duas only interferes when the going gets too rough. In a few weeks' time this will look entirely different. :-)

Duas has started to reprimand the little boys when they fight too hard. They get turned on their back until they calm down. This is also the best time to check if they need to pee.

Toys are recognised as such and are used. By now we also have to take care for our fingers, noses, and earlobes as their tiny teeth are a Piranha's.

Grandma Yela is also really excited about the babies... she is more or less accepted by the mother.

Friday we also had the first visit of human guests. The babies were completely unafraid, as long there was somebody to cuddle them.



We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas!



The teeth are coming! They are palpable at no. 2 and no. 4 and the babies are trying to chew on everything, especially on our fingers or mom's leg. Chinook is still not accepted. Duas gets mad whenever he comes near. There is no problem with the others. The other bitches, Yela and Vinha, get pushed away, Lisboa is silently ignored.


The babys know how to growl, bite the others, jump, paw the others, try momma's food, and run around (kind of). And lick their human mommy. :-) Especially no. 4 likes to do that.



Today they are three weeks old and it is time for them to move. Now they will live in the living-room where is always something going on. Duas was so excited. Our whitey was the first to frolick around. The others didn't dare to leave their box. We took some new pictures. Their weight is currently between 600 and 700 grams which is a lot. The last litter was about 200 grams lighter at the same age.


And something new to watch for our little Miele.



We are waiting. What for?  For the little ones to open their eyes. Usually, this happens around the 14th day, but these boys are taking their time. Maybe because they were born a tad early? We'll see.



Pigmentation progresses. When the babies are picked up, one can see how the little noses are agitated and how the eyballs move behind the still closed lids. They also have the tiniest vibrissae. And in a few days, they will open their eyes and the fun will begin. :-)










Duas has decided for the first time that she wants to join the afternoon walk. You're welcome! :-)



Breaking out seems to be the new pastime of the gang...



At night, we wake up because Duas whines,... ok, surely she needs to go out to the yard. But that didn't seem to be the problem. Counting the babies we find that the white one is missing. All blankets are turned, nothing...  Duas straightens herself up and picks up the scent from behind the box. Indeed, the little escapee is found between box and wall, unable to turn. But as he was not cold, he did not have to whine.

He was returned to his mother who was happy and we could continue to sleep.



Now they are two days old, the little ones, and they already show different characters: the two white males are the most gluttoneous. The one with the white spots will not let go of the teat and the other one immediately grabs what ever he can get hold of, mostly my finger and sucks on it.

The good thing about this is that they help me to take care of Duas' teats as the first two are not always emptied by the puppies. But those two super suckers can be used even there.

The sand coloured and the brown one are rather quiet, as the whole litter is a rather calm. When I think about the fuzz they made while in the belly... but that will surely come again.

At night there is not a peep from them.

Duas is doing a very good job as mom. I can even take her for a short walk, that to the next corner and back again. ;-)



29.11.2011 They have arrived!

Duas has given birth to four beautful males today. 

A most colourful mixture...

More information after we have finally gotten a good night's sleep.


Duas is pregnant!

We knew about Duas' pregancy almost immediately after the mating: all of a sudden she was always hungry, her teats were reddened and already after one week her mammary line was palpable. She has always been attached to her humans but now she seeks direct body contact and - an important indication - she just sits with folded ears and seems to listen to the ongoings inside her.

The day before her scheduled ultrasound imaging we found some mucus and that made it 99% sure for us. The vet just palpated her shortly and told then that she could already feel the babies. I only had to pay half price for the ultrasound :-)








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