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A few pictures for you to enjoy:

Who says that a girl can't be clever and beautiful?
Milk-brother, you wannabe?! Rather sucker than suckling IMO!
YOU! STAY! I wasn't done cuddling!


Mommy is great! You can play with her and drink her. As long as she doesn't walk away, that is...
Chinook is big and really nice. I can cuddle with him...
... and we do all kinds of foolery together.



Our little pea thrives. Big brothers are helpful in close combat traianing. When we humans try to cross the floor, our little pea is always between our legs. It is nearly impossible to be faster than her. Sometimes we are very afraid that there will be mashed peas.



The little mouse is already very agile and moves with more confidence than the boys in that age


Today the little mouse is moving around on her own for the first time. Yesterday she played with her milk-brothers, well they have sniffed and licked her and invited her to play and she got all the attention and celebration. The difference in age is too big for a real game yet. Today it was my turn:  I got invited to play, got wagged at and got bitten in my nose. I threw her on her back, just as her siblings would do. Well, as a single mousy, she needs more attention.

She even got a name: Ervilhinha


The little girl has opened her eyes. Day 14, just on time. :-) Mother and daughter are well. The little girl weighs more than 500 grams and gains weight constantly. We are glad to know that everything turned out so well.


Lis seems to experience her "birth" today. During the day she timidly tries to get in touch with her baby. In the evening - success. Both move into the litter box. Lis is still a bit clumsy with her baby, but she has milk and can feed her so much better than we could.

This is the first time that we really are afraid to lose a puppy, even if there is no reason for that.


Today, 7am, our time had come. Lis started to pant and got very uneasy. At 8:30am we arrive at the vet. Some time later Lis gives birth to a little girl. I perform primary care. Regettably, a towel is not as effective as a mother's tongue. Everything turns out well and at 11:15 we are back home. In time to welcome our first potential puppy buyers at 11:30.

In the afternoon, I go to buy some milk for the puppies. Duas has nursed the little mousie already once but she wouldn't do so constantly. Lis is not yet able to provide for her.


X-ray has shown that there is only one baby inside Lis. After consulation with the vets we have decided not to take the risk of a natural birth. We will perform a SC at the first sign of beginning birth.

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